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Many people believe that the Kraken is only a place to buy prohibited goods, but in reality this is not entirely true. This platform also has users who have opened their stores and are doing profitable business.sale of prohibited goods. Consider the pros and cons of opening your own store on KRAKEN.

KRAKEN onion online ban shop - is it worth it?

One of the main advantages of doing business on the vk11.at website is high profitability. You do not pay taxes on each sale, but only a service commission, which is a few percent. Another advantage is the lack of paperwork and registration. To open a store on KRAKEN, registration as an entrepreneur or self-employed is not required. Moreover, you do not even need to provide your passport or other personal information. Everything happens anonymously and no one knows who is really behind each store. You will also not need to submit reports or visit offices and institutions. However, there are also disadvantages, which are mainly associated not with the marketplace itself, but with the possibility of being held liable for the sale of prohibited goods. You may be held legally liable if you engage in such activity. Opening your own store on vk01.io is an unusual and risky business. Before making a decision, it is important to consider all the pros and cons, as well as take into account the possible legal consequences. Always be prudent and assess the risks before making such decisions.